Gang Stalking, although reported across the nation by a huge number of civilians, the censorship imposed on all data communications post 9/11 has often silenced the many reports of this crime.

Targeted Individuals who are subjected to this Nazi, Satsi like human experimentation face the leading intelligence agencies of the World who have became mere terrorist cells, serving members of the Deep State in their effort to control information of the genocide they are taking part in.

We often hear terms like V2K being used, (Voice to skull), these are terms that quickly lead one researching this to a conclusion that people claiming this are in need of mental evaluation. Rarely do we find in the dis-info spread about this program an scientific explanation of the assaults taking place on innocent civilians.

V2K, is not something we find in 1960s science fiction movies that now make the mainstream media news reports look like some of the first black and white fiction productions. This is nothing more then an extension of Allan Freys 1961 research on “microwave auditory effects,” simply the use of microwave frequencies to transmit signals directly into the human brain. In 1961 these experiments were highly successful, with scientist able to transmit these signals and the human experimentation subjects able to receive these same signals and repeat the frequencies transmits as words, thus repeating the words correctly nine out of ten times.

The research into microwave has been going on well over a century, as early as 1889 we find microwaves being used in the treatment of glaucoma. During WWII, we find radar technicians reporting hearing the microwaves as they worked on radar installations. In the 1950s we find the Soviet Union Bombarding the US embassy in Russia with microwaves in hopes to eavesdrop on conversations in the embassy. Their spying operation was successful.

At this point ARPA, who later became DARPA, took over research on the use of microwaves as a weapon, their research and the billions of dollars spent on this has produced the weapons we now see being unveiled on the worlds population as a whole.

As we download the latest crap movie after searching hours to find the best entertainment available, we must not forget that the wireless technology that we are using to download data, is nothing more then the use of microwave frequencies.

This is only part of the Targeted Individual, gang stalking program of course, we find targeted individuals undergoing assault of every kind imaginable. Constant break ins, theft, assault, druggings, poisonings, rape, sexual assault of minors, illegal detainment, etc, and of course the constant stalking, monitoring of all activity.

One does not have to look for the terrorist agencies that carry this out for they operate in plain site. Homeland Security, FEMA, FBI, CIA, have used the terrtorist FISA courts to carry out this plan, using the patriot act to terrorize patriots, activist, whistleblowers, and just innocent civilians, woman that agents which to abuse, assault, rape, murder, who are now afforded no protection from the terrorist cells that now form the intelligence agencies of the United States.

The stalking is carried out on all Americans, though most are only subjected to the monitoring of all of their data communications, financial transactions, and increasingly all of their movement in the course of their daily life.

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