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Electronic Harassment


This System is the “MOSQUITO” that is used in the UK to break up groups of unruly people. Creates A Protective Shield Of High Pressure Complex Ultrasonic Shock Waves.

The Mosquito device is being considered for banning by the European Union, cause it infringes on the human rights of children.

Produces a power field of ultrasonic shock wave energy. The frequency range is adjustable from 7kHz to 25kHz, with the PCC30 putting out 140db of sound (135db for the PPF40) measured at 30cm. Intended for mounting to vehicles for potential crowd control applications. Also excellent for keeping out pests from gardens, etc. Hearing protection recommended when in use.

Many of these devices are easy to access, and almost impossible for an unaware target to describe in a credible manner, without sounding as if they have had a mental breakdown.

Unauthorized intruders are exposed to a feeling of intense paranoia, discomfort, disorientation, nausea and other undesirable effects. Government research is currently investigating the weapons potential and may soon classify these devices!


In Russia similar means were used by the state to declare activist, dissidents or anyone they thought to be an enemy of the state as mentally unfit and many were institutionalized using this form of systemic control.

The closest thing to Gang Stalking that democratic countries have seen before this is McCarthyism, Cointelpro, and RED SQUAD programs. Red Squad programs were used for monitoring, and harassment of various groups. They have been in place for over a hundred years, and they also employed Informants.

Civilian Spies, who can also be termed “Covert Human Intelligence Sources” come from every level and sector of society. Remember anyone the Targeted Individual comes into contact with gets a warning about the target.

Just like with Cointelpro investigations, everyone in the targets life is contacted, advised as to why the individual has been flagged, advised not to discuss the notification and asked to be a part of the ongoing, never ending monitoring (systemic psychological harassment and manipulation of the target) process. This process is covertly designed to control the targets, keep them in line, or destroy the target over time, leaving them with no form of support.

These actions are specifically designed to mimic a psychological operation. This psychological harassment of the target is designed to destroy them over years, making them look crazy and leave them with no form of support. The individuals around the target carry out actions and tasks as they are instructed, without realizing that the structure is psychologically designed to break the target down.

Worldwide programs of control and conformity have been used with equal success and lethality. What we are seeing now is a co-ordinated and organized effort of control and conformity. Many countries around the world are currently using a model of policing called: Community Oriented Policing. It’s described as a systemic approach to policing. It focuses on instilling a sense of community within a geographically located neighborhood. Communities come together and discuss what values they would like to have in their community, community development, and it’s also a time to discuss any problems that might be happening in a specific area. If a problem is identified an investigation might be opened. These local programs in many countries have been forming partnerships with other government run programs at, provincial, state and federal levels. A process called Deconfliction allows them to share information. Reports of Gang Stalking are not only coming in from democratic countries, but they are coming in from many other countries as well.


Organized Stalking is a term used to describe events relating to (but not limited to) harassment (in person or over the phone), vandalism, character assassination, intimidation, blackmail, blacklisting, medical record tampering, computer hacking, theft/burglary, car tampering,’SWATing'(false police report) and similar crimes aimed at a person for social or political purposes. Some people report events happening in a three step process.

What differentiates this activity from random crime is the persistent nature of the crimes or events. Targeting may occur over years or decades. Also, the targeted person may get suggestions or reminders after the crimes or events occur, which give a clear impression that a group or society is involved with the events. Targeted people may be told they should commit suicide.

This forum is intended to address group stalking events on the most basic level.(Local crime and possible corruption)

A large scale conspiratorial view is discouraged because that subject delves into a great deal more conjecture. However, there is no subject censorship on this forum. So, if you feel you must write a theory, no one will stop you.


Individuals are being Targeted/flagged and placed on community watch lists. This is happening without the targets knowledge. In many countries these community notifications are being used by companies and others to target innocent individuals such as whistle-blowers, the outspoken, etc.

In conjunction with these notifications, companies and others are in some cases using a practice that was used in the former soviet union called the psychiatric reprisal. This is used as a means of retaliation, blacklisting, silencing, or controlling members of society. Once on the notification system, warnings about the targets are sent out to every individual the target comes in contact with, thus poisoning their associations, and socially annexing the targeted individual.

I Am Being Gang Stalked

I have been a TI for at least 5 years but believe much longer as I reflect on past experiences. First I was terrified, confused, angry, sad, and now just an observer of those who observe me. I won’t let “them” break me or ruin my life. Justice is blind. They will run their course and be fully exposed in due time. I have no idea how I got involved in this sick, twisted, demonic world and at this point I really don’t care as I have nothing to hide. Are we living in the fourth Reich? What have your experiences been like??



Maria Buffa, a former salaried employee in the personnel department at Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, said she, too, was sent to a psychiatrist after she filed a sexual harassment complaint in February 1999 against a woman co-worker. “You think, maybe I am the problem, else why would they be sending me to a psychiatrist,” she said.

The psychiatrist Ford selected, Dr. Edward Dorsey of Midwest Health Center, made a report that said the only psychiatric symptom Buffa displayed was anxiety. Dorsey’s report said that the referral came from Ford’s medical department and was at least in part due to her complaints of sexual harassment. He also noted that the Ford doctor who referred Buffa cited a couple of “incidents”: She was seen yelling at someone, and she had shown up at a fitness center “wearing less than the usual amount of clothing for that physical activity.”

In April 1999, Buffa’s boss fired her “for the good of the company,” she recalled being told.

Psychiatric Reprisal

The individual is then placed under overt and covert forms of surveillance. Everywhere the Targeted Individual goes, their name is flagged. In a big city this could mean that thousands upon thousands of people are getting a notification about the target. The person is followed around 24/7. Foot patrols and vehicle patrols are used to follow the Individual around, as part of the monitoring process. During these patrols a one handed sign language is used to assist the citizen informants with communicating to each other. They will use this to silently communicate to any business the target enters, or other areas.


Gang Stalking is experienced by the Targeted Individual as psychological attack, that is capable of immobilizing and destroying them over time. The covert methods used to harass, persecute, and falsely defame the targets often leave no evidence to incriminate the civilian spies.

It’s similar to workplace mobbing, but takes place outside in the community. It called Gang Stalking, because groups of organized community members stalk and monitor the targets 24/7.

Many Targeted Individuals are flagged, harassed and placed under surveillance in this way for months or even years before they realize that they are being targeted by an organized protocol of harassment.

What happens during this monitoring and surveillance is very similar to what happened to many innocent individuals in the former East Germany or Activists and Dissidents in Russia. Many innocent people in the former East Germany would be targeted by the state, and then their friends, family, and the community at large would be used to monitor, prosecute, and harass them. The same persecutions and harassment’s are now happening in democratic countries.

Once a person is flagged or has a warning marker placed on their file, the community becomes hyper-vigilant, and within this structure there is a targeted and illegal protocol of harassment that happens. Electronic means are used to monitor, harass and torture the target. When the target tries to describe what is happening to them, it sounds as if they have had a mental breakdown. The reality is electronic means are being used to make it appear as if the target has had a breakdown.

What are the goals of Gang Stalking?

The official goal is listed as a notification for the community, to alert them of individuals who have been flagged, or have had a warning marker placed on their file. It’s officially used as a means of investigating or monitoring individuals who have displayed inappropriate, or violent behaviours. The real goal in some cases however seems to be to isolate the target from all forms of support, so that the target can be set up in the future for arrest, institutionalization, or forced suicide. Other goals of this harassment is to destroy the targets reputation and credibility. Make the target look crazy or unstable.

Other goals involve sensitizing the target to everyday stimuli’s as a form of control, which is used to control targets when they get out of line. Once the target is sensitized, the Citizen Informants have an easier time identifying the Targeted Individual in public. The targets sensitivity is most likely added to their file as a warning marker and sign to watch for future reactions to.

The structure of this type of notification makes the targets vulnerable. Once a community goes into monitoring mode, they unofficially work towards driving the target from the community. This can be done by making the target destitute. Secondary goals include making the target homeless, jobless, giving them a breakdown, and the primary goals seems to be to drive the target to forced suicide. This is the same thing that was done to targets of the Stasi and Cointelpro investigations. It’s a useful way of eliminating perceived enemies of the state.

Gang Stalking Forum

If you are not familiar with “gang stalking” or “cause stalking,” it is a form of bullying and harassment that sees a target surveilled, intimidated, threatened, violated and even assaulted by a seemingly coordinated group of individuals that may be part of the community, law enforcement, governmental agencies, military or corporate auspices.

It is too easy for cynics to dismiss real cases of gang stalking by pointing to extreme cases and claims and presenting gangstalking in its entirety as nothing more than conspiracy theory. It would be naive to think that groups from ad hoc to institutional do not engage in activities that could be described as gang stalking.

Indeed one goal of gang stalking or counterintelligence stalking is to discredit the target. The more extreme the abuse the more difficult it becomes for them to be taken seriously. Meanwhile the very nature of such an attack is designed to be difficult to prove making the target appear crazy when they attempt to report incidents and can have a gaslighting effect.

Gang stalking, cause stalking or counter-intelligence stalking can profoundly impact the lives of targets.

Share Your Gang Stalking Experience And Help Others Here

Gang stalking or cause stalking can severely impact a target’s life. Do you have a gangstalking story? Share your experience and get advise and feedback from other visitors. Let us know about your gang stalking experience. Share your strategies for dealing with it and ways that have been successful for you. Help yourself and others to overcome gang stalking! Fill out the form below to send us your gang stalking story.

Gang Stalking

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An unknown group/organization that stalks an individual(s) using tactical methods.

Welcome, all.

Our forum is a place for writers to collaborate, contribute, and interact. We want you to learn from each other and collectively grow. Post your musings and feedback freely.

I’m writing this blog to share my story about being followed/stalked in a tactical manner during a brief visit to El Cajon, CA. This 12 hours of my life has left an indelible mark on my mind.

Richard Skinner.

Product Description

You won’t be able to stop reading once you pick up Dr. John Hall’s terrifying account, A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America. Dr. Hall’s narration is based on true-life events and what you’ll find will open your eyes to a completely new form of terrorism.

Dr. Hall has treated numerous patients who have complained about voices in their heads, eventually being driven to a form of serious psychosis. In his book, he describes his relationship with his significant other, Mallory, a young, attractive woman with a bright future. Upon beginning a new profession, Mallory was suddenly struck down by unexplainable happenings: mind control, surveillance, stalking, and rape. Hall and others sacrificed themselves and their careers to bring her nightmare to an end. What happened to Mallory and what is happening to countless others?

Hall’s supposition is that we are faced with a type of terrorism that is unseen but just as deadly. Our government satellite surveillance systems are a new way for criminals to gain possession not only of our financial lives, but our most precious resource: Our minds. What can we do and who are these individuals who are trying to control the way the think, feel, act and what we do? Author Bio: Dr. John Hall has published numerous articles in professional journals and currently works as a medical doctor practicing anesthesia and pain management. Dr. Hall is currently working on a second book detailing what safeguards one can take against satellite surveillance. He lives near San Antonio, Texas.
A New Breed Satellite Terrorism


“Coercive persuasion and thought reform are alternate names for programs of social influence capable of producing substantial behavior and attitude change through the use of coercive tactics, persuasion, and/or interpersonal and group-based influence manipulations” – Richard J. Ofshe Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley

Quoted from “Coercive Persuasion and Attitude Change”: //www.rickross.com/reference/brainwashing/brainwashing8.html

“Coercive persuasion seeks to sidestep the challenge of followers’ autonomy and resistance by convincing those in subordinate positions that what is on offer is in their real best interest. Its message is that people should embrace an organisational identity set for them by their leaders, display enthusiastic commitment in support of organisational goals, and adopt conformist behaviours that have been centrally sanctioned, while avoiding any behaviour likely to be regarded as ‘deviant’.” – Dennis Tourish Ph.D. (et al) – Professor of Leadership and Organisation Studies

Quoted from “Manufacturing Conformity : Leadership Through Coercive Persuasion in Business Organisations”: //www.management-aims.com/PapersMgmt/125Tourish.pdf

“Mind control (also referred to as “brainwashing,” “coercive persuasion,” “thought reform,” and the “systematic manipulation of psychological and social influence”) refers to a process in which a group or individual systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated.” – Michael D. Langone Ph.D. – Director at International Cultic Studies Association

Quoted from “Cults questions and answers”: //www.csj.org/studyindex/studycult/cultqa3.htm

The methods

According to Richard Ofshe, the key factors that distinguish coercive persuasion from other training and socialization schemes are:

1. The reliance on intense interpersonal and psychological attack to destabilize an individual’s sense of self to promote compliance

2. The use of an organized peer group

3. Applying interpersonal pressure to promote conformity

4. The manipulation of the totality of the person’s social environment to stabilize behavior once modified”

Implications for the individual

Dr. John Clark (Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School) has noted some of the following characteristics in those who have been affected by cults:

1. Loss of free will, personal control, and decision making skills

2. Reduced use of irony, abstractions and metaphors

3. Diminished intellectual ability, vocabulary and sense of humor

4. Reduced capacity to form flexible and intimate relationships

5. Paranoia and de facto slavery

6. Poor judgement

7. Physical deterioration

8. Malnutrition

9. Hallucinations, panic, guilt, identity, diffusion, floating

10. Neurotic, psychotic or suicidal tendencies”

What can you do if you are being gang stalked?

Gang stalking is, as it where, a witchhunt in the modern society. The prosecution is started without any legal foundation, and through provocation, incremental actions are then justified as a reaction is obtained.

If you are confronted with gang stalking or other criminal activity I would advise you press charges with your local authorities in any case. Exhaust all possible legal means and keep yourself safe from harm. If you or your environment feels your condition could be medical don’t hesitate to seek medical care. Through this website I just point out that the phenomenon as described does exist and can be very real.

Visible authorities in your area of the world might or might not have been given instructions to not investigate reports as described above, they themselves might or might not be aware of the reasons why. Medical professionals might or might not falsely label the situation as a psychological condition. This unknowingly or because they themselves represent a political interest by possibly being a secret service operative themselves! It’s impossible to speak for the whole world and for each medical professional. However it may be, in some countries there is an open gap in the (legal/psychological/medical) system around the area of group coordinated harassment. Perhaps this gap is consiously kept open, perhaps not.

The key to get out of it at a mental level is simply the realisation that the whole “gang stalking” operation is coordinated by professionals which are very expensive, and which use very expensive equipment, you will be under 24/7 monitoring of your internet and phone traffic. This is contrary to what they will make you think in all the online articles, they make it seem as if they do it for fun and have all the time and resources in the world, this is not true.

Gang stalking someone is an investment in something, it is your job as a gang stalking target to make the investment fail. Whatever happens, stay calm and do not react, cerntainly do not become violent or call out for violence. When you become violent you are at risk of being treated as psychologically unstable or even as a terrorist.

The original cause of gang stalking will always be a political decision. You can also send an email to the minister in charge of your county’s secret service about the fact that you are being submitted to this “Zersetzung”-derived technique and inform them about the fact that this practice is contrary to the principles of rule-of-law (justice), freedom, freedom of opinion and is a severe violation against the universal declaration of the rights of man.

Finally: Believe in yourself, take care of yourself, you can make it through because I made it through. I believe in you, don’t ever give up! And send me a message!

About brainwashing

Rick A. Ross Institute of New Jersey

International Cultic Studies Association

Manufacturing Conformity: Leadership Through Coercive Persuasion in Business Organisations

Freedom of mind resource center – Steve Hassan

More coming

The object of gangstalking

The goal of the phenomenon called “gang stalking” can be twofold:

1 – To oppress you as an individual in the society by undermining you socially and economically. This can be as a consequence of a political standpoint you have taken, knowingly or unknowingly, at a certain point in the past.

2 – In some cases the aim is to make you lash out back at society, and this in the most violent manner possible. Like school schootings or other mass killing drama’s. Events like this trigger a whole media circus and offer opportunities to revise e.g. gun-laws, additionally it takes away the focus from other potential things going on in the world or your country.

Utilitarianist thinkers believe they also cause cohesion amongst the population through these events, it makes people come together and mourn. They also believe they can instill the belief in people that others are in such a desperate situation that they come to the point of committing these acts. So a proportion of the people will feel better knowing that some people are more desperate than them, again a utilitarianists trick.

Whatever the reason may be because of which you are submitted to Gang Stalking, the fact that you are being submitted to it, implies directly that you are no longer living in a free society where rule of law is upholded. Accept this.

If you are submitted to gang stalking, you are living in a dictatorial regime. Gang stalking is a practice performed only under regimes where rule of law has become secundary to political power, and thus the freedom of opinion has been restricted.

The object of gangstalking

The goal of the phenomenon called “gang stalking” is simple yet very cruel:

The intention is to make the target lash out back at society, and this preferably in the most violent manner possible (like school shootings and other mass killing drama’s).

Events like this trigger a whole media circus and offer opportunities to revise e.g. gun-laws, additionally it takes away the focus from other potential things going on in the world or your country, like for example the crisis.

Utilitarianist thinkers believe they also cause cohesion amongst the population through these events, it makes people come together and mourn. They also believe they can instill the belief in people that others are in such a desperate situation that they come to the point of committing these acts. So a proportion of the people will feel better knowing that some people are more desperate than them, again a utilitarianists trick.

June 2015

Jun 8, 2015

How Often i Hear Sirens Etc….


-1:03pm—police siren–short 2 sec blast in the distance

-2:00pm(estimate)-short blast of sirens in distance…2-3seconds

-2:29pm-fire dept emergency siren sounds 4 times…expecting fire trucks to deploy shortly

-2:32pm-fire marshall SUV sounding sirens approaching from south to north on S Governors Ave, sirens stopped immediatly outside of my apt building..

2:35-fire truck sounding alarm as it leaves fire station heading north on S Governors Ave…siren can only be heard very shortly..cant hear it going all the way down street which is odd becuase i usually hear the siren for about 6-7 seconds at least..when this fire truck left the department I heard the siren for anly about 2seconds no more…

4:23pm-hear inside alarm at FD..expect emergency alarm shortly…

4:25-emergency siren…DFD…X4

4:29-again FD SUV south to north on governors..parks on N side of FD

Rogers Targeted Sirens See more stories

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Below we find the last archived entry for this website Url, I imagine this was after this individual gave up, or was killed by his attackers. The previous owners name is listed in the above post and I will try in the future to track him down. The below archived link of this website is simular to what the Gang Stalkers, Hackers that work with the various intelligence agencies do.

These agencies are all branches of the CIA. Nothing more then terrorist cells, performing criminal acts daily, operating for years under no accountability of the law. They take part in and/ or cover up for criminals taking part in break-ins, assaults, rape, child-molestation, druggings, poisonings, slander, stalking, vehicle tampering, food tampering, electronic assaults, false imprisonment, trespasses, false arrest, murder, etc, almost every crime known to man.

Homeland Security, FEMA, FBI, NSA, DOJ, Fusion Centers, Citizen Corps, Freedom Corps, Infraguard, neighborhood watch, community watch groups, EMS, Fire Departments, Police Departments, National Sheriffs Association. A simple search of targeted individuals, gang-stalking will yield thousands of results, unless they have completed their almost total censorship of their criminal actions.


Harris County Fire Gang Stalking

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